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Financial and Investment Advice Anderson Property Investment Group Pty Ltd trading as Jay Anderson Property inclusive of all directors and employees takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any contract of sale and/ or vendors statement and recommends clients seek their own independent legal and financial advice appropriate for their personal situation.

WARNING: Any financial or investment advice provided by the agent to the client is of a general nature only whose preparation does not take into account the individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs of the client. The client is strongly advised to seek their own independent legal, financial or investment advice.

Professional and other advice
The client acknowledges that all advice provided is general in nature and subject to the inherent volatility of the real estate market. The Agents advice does not form legal advice, town planning, building, renovation, architectural or other professional advice. The client must rely upon their own inquiries of any statutory authorities (Council, sewerage, water, environmental) to establish the quality or suitability of the property for their purposes.


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