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Auction Bidding

As experienced property investors and Buyers Agents, we have participated in a large number of auctions. Bidding at auction can be a highly stressful event that can end in tears by missing out on your dream home or from overpaying. Engaging a professional to bid on your behalf can ensure that you don't overpay, increase your chance of securing the property and reduce stress.


We implement proven auction strategies and tactics in the lead-up and during the auction to maximise the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome whilst protecting you from over-paying.


- Strategic auction bidding increments

- A clear understanding of the various actions and words an auctioneer uses to control and direct the auction      

- Reading the body language and identifying telltale signs of fellow bidders to gauge when they are approaching their limit

- Non-emotional approach to auction bidding


Our Buyers Agents will help you work out the maximum purchase price so you don't risk overpaying and discuss the auction strategy and the agreed maximum bid well before the auction starts.  

To arrange a FREE initial consultation to find out how our Auction Bidding service could help you, please contact us via or via the contact us page. 



We work closely with our clients to design, recommend and implement a tailored personal investment strategy and property plan based on your personal circumstances

(financial, lifestyle, tax & investment goals). 


As Buyers Agents, we work exclusively for the buyer, rather than the seller. Based on our extensive on-going market research, we identify target investment grade areas and asset types, based on strict investment criteria.


We act as your personal property investment advisor/coach, available 24/7 to answer any questions and hold your hand to guide you through the entire investment process. This continues after the property has been purchased.

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